More dj power. one monthly fee.

There are 3 good reasons to go for this easy monthly payment plan, which gives you full access to all the features of rekordbox dj.

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Play more. Pay less. It's that simple.

For a small monthly fee of $9.90 (plus tax) you get unlimited access to all the features and functions of rekordbox dj and our Plus Packs.

By comparison, if you were to purchase each item individually, it would cost more than $380 up front.*
Why not make it easy on yourself and go with the monthly plan?

* rekordbox dj license: $129.00 +tax, rekordbox dvs Plus Pack: $99.00 +tax, rekordbox video Plus Pack: $149.00 +tax, rekordbox RMX EFFECTS Plus Pack: $9.90 +tax

Easy cost control keeps your focus on creativity.

When you have a monthly subscription, the payment is fixed. You get full access to all features whenever you want.

That means you don't need to worry about deciding which feature you need to turn your sets into an experience. Just concentrate on your music and your show.

An all-access DJ pass gives you power to grow.

To get the full pro DJ experience, you want unlimited access to rekordbox dj and all the exciting Plus Packs.

That includes dvs, for old-school vinyl scratch, video, to bring your shows to life, and RMX EFFECTS, for breaking down those beats just as you imagine.

The monthly plan gives you access to all that, whenever you like, wherever you are.